AU-UK free trade deal offers good signs for quarry businesses

An historic free trade agreement (FTA) between Australia and the United Kingdom will strengthen the UK’s investment in Australian resources, while providing easier access for businesses to trade equipment and services.
Impact drill & blast feature

Upstream tech solves downstream wear and tear

  How you drill and blast your aggregate can be vital to how it is processed and refined downstream. Steve …
Sandvik Leopard DI650i

Sandvik adds autonomous capabilities to Leopard DI650i drill rig

Sandvik has developed the iDrill automation platform to enable fully autonomous blasthole drilling for the Leopard DI650i down-the-hole drill rig.

AU-UK free trade deal offers good signs for quarry businesses

An historic free trade agreement (FTA) between Australia and the United Kingdom will strengthen the UK’s investment in Australian resources, while providing easier access for businesses to trade equipment and services.
Metallica's drill hole targets, July 2021

Metallica looks for mining lease at Cape Flattery

Metallica Minerals has lodged a mining lease application with the Queensland Department of Resources for its Cape Flattery silica sands project.
HeidelbergCement chairman, Dominik von Achten,

HeidelbergCement sticks to sustainability on a global scale

HeidelbergCement has emphasised its commitment to tackling climate change, as its Sustainability Report 2020 outlined a tightening of emissions targets and a belief in technology.

NSW Regulator opens portal to certification

The NSW Resources Regulator has introduced a section to its online portal for mining workers to apply for examinations, certificates of competence and practicing certificates.

End to End Washing Solutions Live Showcase

 Terex Washing Systems (TWS) will host a ‘Virtual Live Showcase of their End to End Washing Solution’ in Co. Cork, Ireland, on Tuesday 22nd June 2021. Attendees can tune in at their preferred time of 7am or 1pm BST.

Local quarry owners doing right by locals

A basalt quarry in New South Wales has assured a tentative community that it intends to tick all the required boxes, as the Lismore Council considers a Development Approval.

Tricon levels-up with Superior conveyors

Superior Industries, US-based manufacturer for Tricon Equipment, has released a new model of TeleStacker conveyor for dry loading of trucks and ships.
Multiflo SJG -G1204TE Pump - Front Rev03 210121[28]

Weir Minerals simplifies dewatering pumps

Weir Minerals makes choosing your next submersible dewatering pump easy with the Multiflo SJG pump.
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A well aligned solution

Hydrated lime, also known as slack lime, builders’ lime or pickling lime, is used extensively in water treatment, as well as for production of mortar, cement, plaster and paint.

A conscientious path to belt conveyor alignment

Conveyor belt alignment is a challenging prospect for many quarrying producers. As Cameron Portelli explains, it may be tempting to introduce a belt alignment device but there are many solutions for simpler root causes and tracking options that can be just as effective.

Quarry Supplier Directory 2021-22 – don’t miss out!

  There is still time to register your business for the 2021-22 Quarry Supplier Directory, which closes in a few …

Latest Reviews

‘We Built This City’ – GSR under the spotlight

As part of CDE Global’s Engineering Insights virtual event, several specialists in the area of construction materials supply and demand convened for a presentation on the growth of global cities.

How microbes survive and thrive in coal seams

A research team has studied the ability for some microbial communities to exist within coal-fired gas vents, turning lethal substances into energy.

Know Yourself: James Rowe – self-development and personal growth challenges

In this second chapter of a seven-part series on the characteristics of effective leadership, South Australian IQA member and Groundwork Plus director James Rowe recounts his experiences of developing leadership credentials in the quarrying industry, as told to mentor Mike Cameron.

Cattle to rehabilitate English quarries

Cattle grazing has been selected as a means of rehabilitating two quarries on the Isle of Wight in England, bringing multiple benefits to a variety of wildlife.

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new Terex SI Screen

Boral releases Target’s Statement on SGH Offer


Hillview helps to restore local habitat

Australian PCI and ABS building industry output

Australian PCI shows slow and steady growth


Cutting installation time by half, defeating dust



Research paper warns of the sociological impacts of sand extraction

The issue of global sand supplies has once again attracted warranted concern from people all along the infrastructure supply chain, after researchers took a holistic view at how humans can mitigate an impending global sand crisis.

Global Quarry Life Award opens for submissions

HeidelbergCement has launched the fifth edition of its Quarry Life Award which aims to promote sustainable quarry management through a global competition with prizes up to €30,000 ($47,160).

NSW quarries and concrete health and safety seminar talks silica

The New South Wales divisions of the IQA and Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia held the recent Quarries & Concrete Health and Safety Seminar, headlined by the NSW Resources Regulator’s Garvin Burns and HeidelbergCement’s Klaus Hormann.

Performing at your peak: embracing self-improvement

In the construction materials industry, it is not unusual for one to put the needs and demands of the business or organisation above one’s own aspirations, Peter Ambrose explains.

Bacteria the key to sustainable copper

A team of researchers from both Texas and Brazil have collaborated to release a paper called “Copper Mining Bacteria: Converting toxic copper ions into a stable single atom copper”.

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