Komatsu Australia CEO wins Institute of Quarrying’s Caernarfon Award

Komatsu chief executive officer and managing director Sean Taylor has won the Institute of Quarrying’s 2019 Caernarfon award for his campaign to encourage diversity in the company.

Water management in the extractive industries

Pressure is on extractive operators globally to employ technologies that reuse water responsibly. Business development managers for a sand washing manufacturer discuss the challenges, costs and logistics of developing a washing plant that satisfies local and international regulations.

Komatsu Australia CEO wins Institute of Quarrying’s Caernarfon Award

Komatsu chief executive officer and managing director Sean Taylor has won the Institute of Quarrying’s 2019 Caernarfon award for his campaign to encourage diversity in the company.

NZ politicians pressured to focus on quarry planning

Past IQA President Wayne Scott has highlighted how construction delays and skyrocketing costs in New Zealand reflect the country’s neglect toward long-term quarry planning.

Brandy Hill Quarry granted expansion approval

Hanson Australia’s Brandy Hill Quarry expansion, near Port Stephens, New South Wales, has been given the green light by the NSW Independent Planning Commission.

Boral requests quarries be excluded from housing development proposals

Goulburn Mulwaree Council has advanced a draft housing strategy close to two Boral sites near Highland Way in New South Wales.

CSR quarry modification fast-tracked by NSW Government

CSR’s modification to its Badgerys Creek clay quarry project in New South Wales has been included in a tranche of projects the State Government is fast-tracking to inject $4.3 billion into the NSW economy.

Quarry-spec machines excel in shipping, rail loading

  An ASX-listed bulk materials and logistics giant with expertise in mine and port solutions has in recent years enjoyed …

Alex Fraser: A year in review

In 2019, Alex Fraser Group, one of Australia’s largest recycled aggregates producers, officially flicked the switch on two glass recycling and sustainable asphalt plants at its Laverton site. Damian Christie spoke to Peter Murphy about the site’s recycled aggregate operations on the first anniversary of the opening.

Collision avoidance with ifm O3M sensor system


Earthmoving equipment supplier supports mobile crushing, screening contractor in time of need

Pro Crush, a Queensland-based mobile crushing and screening business, has continued its operations during COVID-19 thanks to support from suppliers such as RDO Equipment.
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Ambiguities identified in Queensland’s industrial manslaughter laws

A law expert has pointed out several ambiguities in language used in the Queensland Government’s new industrial manslaughter laws that will make the prosecution of senior officers for health and safety negligence in the quarrying and mining sectors problematic.

Local manufacturing pays off with helical bevel gearmotor sales

Bonfiglioli’s agitating applications, which offer a whole suite of locally assembled solutions, have recently been taken up by numerous quarries in Australia and New Zealand.

No problem with the curve: Rail running conveyor solutions

Larger quarries are increasingly looking for economical solutions to transporting aggregates from the face to the crushing circuit. A proposed curved rail running conveyor may yet provide an alternative to conventional transport by dump trucks and off-road vehicles.

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Researchers find nature’s building blocks resemble cubes

We might not be living in a world made of Lego, but a team of researchers have discovered rocks and icebergs form cube-like shapes when they are broken down.

Easter Island statues just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

Archaeologists from the University of California (UCLA) have discovered the Easter Island heads have intact bodies hidden beneath the surface of the island.

Remains of a Brisbane volcano hidden in plain sight

Brisbane’s 226-million-year-old tuff rock has been used throughout the city’s various construction projects, but it also hides a destructive past.

Ancient continent beneath New Zealand mapped out

Scientists from GNS Science have released interactive maps of Zealandia, an ancient continent beneath the oceans surrounding New Zealand.

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A modified version of the Trust Equation

Mike Cameron has previously discussed the Trust Equation, and how it plays a significant role in building an organisational culture of belief and confidence. He applies his own variation of the equation to Australian working conditions.

Key account planning: Establishing the profile of an ‘ideal’ customer

Achieving new sales of your business product or service solutions requires care and finesse, especially in lean times. Mike Cameron explains what makes a ‘good’ customer and how producers can use that profile to achieve mutually beneficial ends.

Holcim announces job vacancy for NSW/ACT General Manager of Aggregates

Holcim is seeking a candidate with strong experience in the aggregates industry to fill a the critical role as General Manager for the aggregates division in NSW/ACT.

Quarries hit virtual classrooms amid COVID-19 lockdown

The Shelly Company has introduced a virtual quarry tour for primary school students in the United States as an alternative method to its hands-on quarry education program.

Coronavirus protection: Tips for aggregates producers

  Coronavirus has undoubtedly taken industries globally by surprise. However, as Kevin Garcia explains, well prepared teams in the aggregates …

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