Adbri goes shovels down on Kwinana upgrade

Adbri has commenced works on the $199 million Kwinana upgrade project in Western Australia, combining two cement production sites into one for a production lift.

Active weigh screws for dynamic processing

Active Weighing Solutions has unlocked higher accuracy in flow rate control, bulk out loading and conveyor monitoring with its weigh screw feeders and conveyors. 

Crushing operation acquires mobile combo

Cooper Civil & Crushing is taking advantage of industry growth following the Australian Government’s large infrastructure investment post-COVID-19.

Rental plant gives busy site extra muscle, relief

A Hanson Australia extractive operation has never been busier. Fortunately, there has been extra support to assist the quarry’s core earthmoving fleet as it transfers aggregate from the face to the crushing circuit and out the gate.
Mareeba Sands

Mareeba Sands boosted by excavator upgrade

Mareeba Sands has been working away in far north Queensland for 12 years, sourcing sand and hauling it across the region. But as owner Ron Petersen told Quarry, a quality service like Mareeba relies on quality products from CJD Equipment.

Adbri goes shovels down on Kwinana upgrade

Adbri has commenced works on the $199 million Kwinana upgrade project in Western Australia, combining two cement production sites into one for a production lift.

Good foundations at BSC Orange cement relationship with Hanson quarry

The BSC branch in Orange, New South Wales, has been servicing mines and quarries in the central-west region since 1965. …

Hole navigation ensures reliable drilling practice, delivers smooth operation

  Epiroc has cemented itself as a leader in drill rig technology – so much so that about 95 per …

Biodegradable tool grease ideal for sustainable contractor

  Rammer’s BIO Tool Grease for hydraulic rockbreakers has been developed in collaboration with customers across the extractive industries.

Fleet solution provides ‘at a glance’ visualisation

  Developed on-shore by Komatsu Australia, the new iSite fleet management solution is now available to the Australian market. The …

Wagners’ ‘world first’ shows shotcrete strengths

Wagners has released its Earth Friendly Shotcrete (EFS) in a pioneering step for zero-carbon concrete with applications including ground stabilisation, tunnel linings and pools.
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Wagners welcomes Boeing to Wellcamp Airport


Terex levels up with latest mobile washing screen




Sandvik invites all to virtual MINExpo


Wagners exhibits future-focused concrete



GC series excavators are not just trimmed down models

GC Series
If you're considering right-sizing your fleet in an effort to keep costs down, quarry producers can save with the Cat GC Series excavator.

Metso Outotec adds stirred mills to the mix

Metso Ouotec has extended its range of concentrator plants with the complete stirred mill plant, increasing efficiency using patented features like hydrocyclones, samplers, analysers and slurry pumps.

Orica 4D continues to change the face of blast technology

Orica has unveiled 4D, a bulk explosives technology designed to produce even more desirable blast outcomes with a different kind of approach. 

Latest Reviews

Canadian quarry reveals big-headed Burgess Shale fossil

Canadian palaeontologists have discovered one of the largest fossils for its era in a quarry site of Burgess Shale at Kootenay National Park.
Moon rocks

Youngest Moon rocks on record only 2 billion years old

Curtin University researchers have helped to refine our understanding of the solar system’s timeline, dating the youngest Moon rocks ever discovered.
billion-year-old geology

Australia a critical case study in billion-year-old geology

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have investigated a billion-year-old geological mystery which could aid in the mapping of current day critical minerals.

Victorian fossil emblem up for vote

Museums Victoria has opened the ballot box for Victorians to vote on the state’s official fossil emblem, with a rich history lying beneath each of the candidates.

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Female quarry workers set in stone

The Institute of Quarrying has enabled a new statue that tips its hat to female quarry workers to be built near the centre of the United Kingdom.

Effective leaders and empathetic relationships

In chapter six of a seven-part series on the characteristics of effective leadership, Hy-tec Northern Territory’s Ryan Low highlights the importance of empathy in management roles.
Brady Review

Revisiting the key messages from the Brady Review

Jodi Goodall, of Brady Heywood, reviews some of the key concepts and learnings that arose out of a comprehensive review of fatal accidents in Queensland mines and quarries released in early 2020 – and why quarries should heed those learnings.

Queensland resets to improve site safety

Queensland’s extractive industries have been undertaking site safety resets in August and September, ensuring safety measures are prioritised across the State.

National Safe Work Month: think safe. work safe. be safe.

National Safe Work Month is fast approaching and Safe Work Australia has announced that ‘think safe. work safe. be safe.’ will be the theme of the campaign this October.

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